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Using Customer Touch Points Effectively

Good customer relationships depend on the little things, but it takes more than just a pop-up notification to follow-up from your CRM software to build meaningful customer relationships. Studies prove that relationships are maintained more effectively when there is regular contact. It’s a simple concept, really. Increase the number and frequency of high-quality touch points with your customers, and you stand a better chance of being top-of-mind when it’s their time to buy. Touch points are ways of connecting with your customers and potential costumers. Smart marketers know that touch points must be varied and relevant to the customer, otherwise it’s a waste of resources, both time and budget. Continually calling on a customer can lead to frustration and potential rejection. Relevant and varied touch points are key. One simple touch point that is often overlooked is the use of business events and topics. As you get to know your customers, you should take note of their interests. As you see events advertised that would be of mutual interest, invite these individuals to attend, either as your guest or to meet you at the event. Events, whether social or business interests, allow you and your customers to interact in on […]