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Can Popcorn Improve the Bottom Line?

In business, when something is working or doing what it is supposed to do, we tend not to look at it. When it breaks, we will fix it. There are more pressing issues to focus on that requires our time and attention. Take the self-service popcorn machine in the corner of the local pub. It’s been doing its job for many years; maybe decades. It makes popcorn. If the light bulb burns out or the stirring mechanism in the pot stops, you fix it. Although it may have seen better days, its working fine. Let’s think about it as it is part of a business process.   ·       Is it portraying the image that we want to our customers? ·       Can we increase customers if we had a better (and cleaner) image? ·       Can we reduce down-time with regular maintenance and cleaning? ·       Can we increase popcorn production?   ·       Can we produce better tasting popcorn? ·       Can better tasting popcorn increase sales? (Studies show that customers stay longer if pubs offer food. The salt from the popcorn will often increase drink sales.) Healthy businesses look at processes and systems for opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, increase employee engagement, and […]

Resources for Those Beyond Start Up

I hear from business owners that there is a lack of resources and support for small to medium size companies that are beyond the start up but do not have the budget or time to attend national training and seminars. There is a real need for companies with 10-75 employees to find resources that not only provide knowledge but also focus and support growth strategies. Designed exclusively for results-driven small to medium businesses, Purpose Boards provides business owners with the specific insights, strategies and leadership development to achieve results. Offers business owners and nonprofits an opportunity to: Have a trusted, confidential business source Have an objective board of advisors Improve organizational productivity Gain specific insights, perspective, and honest feedback Leverage the experience of other small business leaders Focus on the strategic Develop more effective decision making skills Reduce stress and find more life balance Give back and support other business owners Personal growth Increase your confidence to take action Achieve Purpose facilitates monthly professional peer-to-peer group meetings and individual sessions designed to support business owners beyond the daily operations and help them focus on their strategic growth decisions. Innovative ideas and creative approaches are critical to helping small businesses overcome […]

Driving Growth or Rejecting Traditional Business

The Millennial generation has captivated academics and the media alike. They have helped shape the direction of technology, how we communicate, the care of the environment, and the popularity of social media. They have helped foster the change in how we educate, well, them and future generations. We have been hearing and reading about this generation for years and today, Deloitte’s third annual Millennial (Generation Y) Survey that explored what this generation wants from business, government, and the future workplace was published. Besides the interesting tidbits of information that can be gleamed from surveys and reports, why should business leaders be paying close attention to the Millennials? The Millennial generation will have the greatest impact on our economy, and yet many business leaders may not fully understand why or how. Impact #1 – Need for Skilled Workers – The leading edge of the baby boomers is turning 67, so every month, large numbers of Americans are retiring and leaving the workforce. Nearly 80 million baby boomers will file for retirement over the next 20 years. That’s a average of 10,000 skilled workers leaving the workforce a day! Impact #2 – Largest Generation in…Generations –  There is not a concise birth age rang that […]

Think, Act, and Communicate From the Inside Out

Many people can express what they believe is their life’s purpose, but often it is unsupported by real conviction or action. We express our rational thoughts, but in order to support it with real conviction or action it needs to be derived from our personal why. The personal why are our innerds. Innards are our internal organs. I use the word innerds (inner) to reflect our values and passions. Why does this have meaning or significance? Why am I doing this? Why am I compelled to feel this way? The results, outside forces or characteristics is the what, the action, or context of our lives. The outer what involves the neocortex or the outer layers of the brain. It supports “higher functions” such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, conscious thought and language. It is our ability to be rational, factual, logical, detail-oriented, textual, and statistical. We can get caught up in an endless circular analysis of trying to comprehend or correct the outer what. Most often with little satisfaction or understanding of those forces because we can’t make rational sense of it or control all of the actions.   “When we communicate from the outside in, people can understand […]