Understand and articulate what drives your business and achieve your company’s purpose

What if projects and strategies could be identified, aligned, and implemented effectively and efficiently?
What if issues were identified and resolved, operational systems improved, and there were reliable analytics to grow business?
What if there was clear customer focus and engaged employees aligned with business goals
What if implementation plans were accomplished?

Consulting with Actionable Results

Each project begins with listening carefully to the concerns of all participants and stakeholders.


Strategic Planning

Businesses need to continually evolve to meet its objectives. We are in an ever-changing economy in which customers, industry, and competitors drive change. Achieve Purpose develops strategic plans that provide the structure to achieve your growth goals.

Strategic Implementation

I help small business apply best practices to improve business performance. Achieve Purpose brings its clients the expertise and tools needed to help create and sustain a value-driven process. I provide leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

Project Management

A project is a series of tasks undertaken in sequence that requires continual re-evaluation of prior decisions and corresponding adjustments to the development program. Success is typically tied to the consultant’s ability to keep the development team focused on a mutual goal and maintaining open and frequent communication.

Business Consulting

With a focus on small to medium sized businesses, Achieve Purpose was founded to help align businesses to achieve results. Achieve Purpose understands the challenges of small businesses. Customers and competitors drive change. Owners and employees juggling productivity, resources, and time. A list of operational ideas, projects, and strategies that struggle to get attention. All while being passionate about the business and it constantly on your mind.

Why Achieve Purpose?

Purpose, when it is clear, is the aim around which we structure our activities, a source of direction and drive, and a way that we perform our daily work. There is a purpose no matter the skill, level, or duty. Purpose is the reason, or why, of the duty, task, position, or activity, and it can be what empowers a business and the individual. Achieve is the outcome of the action, process, and goal. It is the accomplishment of the execution. Achieve is the result of the work, hard work, that was completed.
Achieve Purpose understands the challenges of small businesses. Customers and competitors drive change. Owners and employees juggling productivity, resources, and time. A list of operational ideas, projects, and strategies that struggle to get attention. All while being passionate about the business and it constantly on your mind
We help our clients make better real estate decisions by providing them with information, education, and expert services.

Achieve Purpose

A small business consulting company that works where processes interact with people. I help my clients strengthen the foundation of successful businesses. The focus is on growth strategies that are engaging and effective for your business, allowing the organization to make better decisions, be balanced, identify and adapt to the changing environments, take effective actions, and be more productive.

pur·pose - ​The reason for which something is done or for which something exists. A person's sense of resolve or determination. Purpose is understanding why processes are done and how we can adapt them to achieve desired outcomes.

Our goal is help businesses ACHIEVE their PURPOSE.

In the midst of our ever changing and sometimes hectic life, having perspective can be difficult and challenging.

Achieve Purpose will help identify the most pressing issues, question assumptions, align actions, and evaluate progress. I work with business owners with 1 to 100 employees to help them grow their business, move with confidence and make quicker decisions. I help my clients strengthen the pillars of their business - PURPOSE, PROCESS, and PEOPLE - providing them with a firm foundation on which to grow.

An engaged and effective individual is more adept at making better decisions, is balanced, identifies and adapts to changing environments, takes effective action, and is more productive.

For the over 20 years, Chris has worked in the fields of leadership development, consulting, project management, real estate, finance, and sales. Chris has started and operated a number of successful businesses and companies and has consulted in a variety of industries.

Chris uses an entrepreneur and management minded analysis, proven coaching methodologies, and sound project management practices to help organizations and individuals in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, growth and performance strategies, and project management.

Chris has a Financial Management Certification from the University of St. Thomas and a BS in Sociology, Occupations and Organizations from Illinois State University. He has additional certifications as a Professional Coach and LifeKeys Trainer, Minnesota Brokers License, teaches at Kaplan University and continues to learn and grow with continual courses and workshops.

Apply our unique and proven process is designed to strengthen businesses to meet their needs.


I just wanted to send a quick thank you and express my appreciation for what you were able to accomplish. What you accomplished and provided was truly transformational. I am looking forward to more continual success. Thank You for your business and support.

Sheltonn Johnson

President, Maturing & Maximizing

I have found him to be highly professional and highly knowledgeable in matters of real estate and business. Even in difficult situations he is highly professional and focused on getting the job at hand completed promptly. His interpersonal skills are outstanding, and he will be able to reach out to and work with businesses in a very effective manner.

Matt Soucek

Senior PM, Project for Pride in Living (PPL)

I have been consistently impressed by both Chris’ attitude towards his work and his performance. His ability to remain unflustered during frenzied deadlines proved his ability to work well under pressure. He has an excellent capacity to grasp new theories and applications.Chris has the business drive and management skills necessary to manage projects and work effectively.

Tom Lander

Vice President General Manager, Mortenson

He did a fabulous job, offered lots of great input and creative problem-solving ideas and everyone enjoyed working with him as he kept the project on track during his time with us. We would happily work with him again!

Colleen Carey

President, The Cornerstone Group